FOOD CONTROL S.A. is a company which specializes in offering services for food analysis.
We began 25 years ago as a laboratory specializing in food microbiology.  Our performance in chemical analysis, which was limited at the beginning, grew as time went by. Over the last decade, the incorporation of advanced technology, which is constantly being updated, has enabled us to broaden our services on offer;  and in addition to a sophisticated range of microbiological analysis, we now offer a wide range of chemical and instrument analysis. Currently, we are one of the most prestigious independent laboratories for the analysis of food and related products in Argentina.


We have modern equipment and a highly experienced professional staff,  which are constantly being updated and which develop the bromatological control programs as well as specific tests for the food industry. We comply with a very strict quality control program of assurance, based on the requirements of the ISO 17025:2005 Norm.  We have more than 40 accredited test methods under this norm, including techniques in the chemical and the microbiological fields, establishing us as pioneers amongst the laboratories that offer these services to third parties.

Our experience, our equipment and the permanent incorporation and updating of analytical techniques which comply with the national and international norms, enable us to offer our clients a top-quality service and highly reliable analytical results that meet both the local market and export needs.

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Prevention system for food-transmitted diseases

There are occasions in which the aspect, color, smell and taste of a food are not enough to determine its sanitary quality.Only a food quality control prevention system will assure an objective evaluation and will avoid risks.
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Food safety

We carry out strict bromatological controls on the products, achieving reliable results.  Ruled by the ISO 17025:2005 norms we can guarantee a high quality standard.
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Quality guarantee

The Company:
Food Control S.A. has participated in lab tests with other important  Worldwide Institutions. We have become a member of the Union Internationale des Laboratoires Independants and we have been authorized to  issue official certificates by SENASA.
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Historia y filosofía
Food Control S.A. has dedicated over 25 years to carrying out Bromatological control, and concentrates its technical and human resources and experience into offering a top-quality service to many national and international companies.
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