Food Analysis

In order to control the quality of the different  groups of foods and beverages that are specified in the Argentine Food Code, they are chemically and microbiologically tested .

Meat and related products
Fatty food products
Dairy products
Sugar added
Diet &  light products
Alcohol, Distillated beverages, Liqueurs and Aperitifs
Food additives
Water and sparkling water
Fermented beverages
Correctives and coadjutants
Concentrated flours, Protein concentrates
Stimulating products

If the product you wish to analyze is not included in the list above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Other types of control can be related to:

Utensils, Containers and accessories.
General conditions in factories and food stores.
Labeling rules and food advertising.
Evaluation of the technological qualification of plants.
Inspection of sanitary suitability for food production.
Technical considerations for  third- party productions.
Technical support for laboratory control.

If the kind of control you need to perform was not included in the list, please contact us.

We also offer in-company courses on:

Food hygiene for industrial and gastronomic operators
Food microbiology at technical and professional levels
Food quality control for  the technical purchasing area

If you are interested in attending other courses, we can prepare them to suit your needs.

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